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You know, there are lot of places (many, many, many) where you can study war, but there are far fewer places where you can study peace…though, fortunately, they are increasing.  Still, it is often suggested that if we (ie humanity) had spent as much time trying to understand and perfect peace as we have trying to understand and perfect war, the world would be a very different place.  Of course, you can also see this in evolutionary terms:  as humanity develops culturally and spiritually, the need for peace (and social justice) and the absurdity of violent conflict will gradually become evident to more and more people.  Some of you might be thinking: “but why does it seem to be taking so long?”  That is a very good question, and there are some good answers, which I will try to blog about later.  For now you could google Galtung’s 3 kinds of violence to get an initial idea.

What I wanted mainly to do today was indicate one of the places where peace and related subjects is the focus (as obviously, I think it should be!) of serious university level study.  It is the European University Center for Peace Studies, known by its old acronym: EPU .  Click on over there to have a look around!  You’ll see on the “About” page the following goals:

  • spreading the idea of peace in the spirit of UNESCO
  • giving scientific and educational support to global peace
  • promoting a “world domestic policy” based on sustainable development, cooperative responsibility and ecological security
  • contributing to the development of a global peace culture
  • training and improving individual capabilities in peace-making and conflict resolution

I could (and probably will) write a lot about each one of these, but I think for now I’ll just let you think about what they mean.  If you are interested in the details of the current Master’s curriculum you can get it here.

I hope to add a brief interview with EPU’s director before long…So watch this space!


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