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I found a related (kind of ) blog on WordPress!

Here is a blog I found on wordpress (using the Tagsurfer I think), that might be of interest to some people who may read IG’s PB. Let me mention, btw, that if/when I point at blogs, sites, movements, activities, etc…I am not necessarily endorsing what they do (or don’t do). I am just letting you know about something that might interest you if you happen to be reading what I write. In fact, you could say I am pretty much apolitical in the conventional sense of politics. My focus is more on education, or more simply, informing people. What they do with the information provided is up to them.

So going back to the ICT for Peacebuilding blog…the long post here is indeed quite informative and yet succinct, and brings up some key issues about peace processes. Have a look at it (this is not homework, but would probably be useful 🙂 ) and then we can re-visit some of the issues later. Suffice to say, the so-called “international community” has been a bit slow to understand that peacebuilding is very important (since, as the blog post mentions half of all peace agreements have failed), but does now seem to be (gradually) catching on. Hurrah!


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  1. Once again, this is another example of how the internet allows us to easily share thoughts and ideas while being able to also link to the thoughts and ideas of other people from all over the world.

    This is a victory for democracy, openess, communication, peace, cooperation, positive globalization, etc…

    Comment by Nathan Andover | August 16, 2008 | Reply

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