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Universalists and Universalism, a virtual think tank enroute?

Just a short post to say that I “attended” (actually by conference phone) the first meeting of a group of people committed to starting a virtual think tank focusing on universalist thought and action. The project is the brain child of Prof. Abdu’l-Aziz Said of American University, who in inviting participants defined universalists as:

“…individuals that live and promulgate specific life-style changes founded upon principles of inclusion and in reaction to social ills1 of their time. Through the promotion of an equitable redistribution of power, Universalists present a workable framework for timeless, sustainable peace and social harmony that is cast from the lessons of history.”

Some of the questions considered at the conference were:

* How did Universalist practitioners gain and maintain their perspectives, and what are the intellectual and personal skills required? How did these practitioners then apply their perspective to the particular set of problems confronting human society in their regions of concern at the time?

* How can students and practitioners today develop and maintain Universalist perspectives? To what kind of contemporary problems can these be applied?

One issue that came up was conceptual: ie is “universalism” significantly different from cosmopolitanism, or an ecological world view, etc… What do you think?

Anyhow, we’ve just started so “watch this space” 🙂


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