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Looks like a cool place to study!

One of the very good and well-established places you can study peace is at the University of Bradford in the UK. In fact, they say they are the world’s largest centre (note the British spelling 🙂 ) for peace and conflict studies. I suggest you pop on over and have a look at their homepage. They do some very interesting degrees, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. For instance, they have a Master’s program in African Peace and Conflict studies (get the very colorful program(me) flyer here. As an old Africa “hand” (I used to live in West Africa, btw), I thought this was quite innovative.

In short, they have modules on many many topics. Of course, as I glance down the list, it occurs to me that there really are a lot of subjects here, which can also be something of a problem. I mean, is peace “everything and anything”, or more precisely (sort of) is everything related (somehow) to peace? Food for thought. Along these lines, consider this quote from the Mission Statement of the International Journal of Peace Studies:

“The Journal promotes discussion about various issues in peace research, including but not limited to, security systems, justice and basic human needs, survival for indigenous people, discourse on peace and war, human security, nonviolent social change, peace and environmental movements, sustainable development, global environmental policies, human rights, self-determination, economic equity, conflict resolution, disarmament, and peace education”

Again, that’s quite a lot. Is it too much?


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