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You may have wondered…

…who had the URL http://www.worldpeace.org ? Well it turns out it is The World Peace Prayer Society. If you go to there homepage you will immediately see a very nice video of children from many cultures saying (in various languages): “May peace prevail on earth!” (which is, in fact, their prayer for peace). This video was on CNN, but I have to admit I don’t remember it. It is touching and the children are beautiful. You can learn about the origins and history of the organization here — they are non-profit and non-sectarian, btw.

This organization put up what they call a “peace pole” in memory of 9/11 and on the site people have added their thoughts about the tragedy and prayers for peace. You can add one if you want. You can also get and put up your own “peace pole” with the prayer on it. The site says there are more than 200,000 in places all over the world

You can also see the prayer–“May peace prevail on earth”–in many languages, and read about the organization’s activities at the UN and elsewhere.

I like this short prayer…you can think about and say it many times during a day. Here’s an idea: say it (even just to yourself) whenever a thought of war comes into your mind.

May peace prevail on earth!


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