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Somebody I work with recently finished a Ph.D. thesis on the quite new United Nations Peacebuilding Commission, and I thought it was worth a post to mention this body and to point you to its website.

As the site explains:
“The Peacebuilding Commission plays a unique role in (1) bringing together all of the relevant actors, including international donors, the international financial institutions, national governments, troop contributing countries; (2) marshalling resources and (3) advising on and proposing integrated strategies for post-conflict peacebuilding and recovery and where appropriate, highlighting any gaps that threaten to undermine peace.”

The Commission’s mandate is (inter alia):

* To bring together all relevant actors to marshal resources and to advise on the proposed integrated strategies for post conflict peacebuilding and recover;

* To help ensure predictable financing for early recovery activities and sustained financial investment over the medium to long-term;

* To develop best practices on issues in collaboration with political, security, humanitarian and development actors.

There is also an interesting note at the bottom of the “About” page stating that the resolutions establishing the Commission (also available on the site) “…identify the need for the Commission to extend the period of international attention on post-conflict countries and where necessary, highlight any gaps which threaten to undermine peacebuilding.”

The simple fact that this commission exists is a positive sign that the world community is learning something about how to come to grips with the problems of post-conflict societies. There is an enormous need for coordination among the various government and non-governmental actors. There is also a great need to overcome “short termism”…get in and get out quickly. That doesn’t work in peace building. Rather, anything to do with post-conflict reconstruction is going to be time consuming: there are no quick fixes. One needs to take a comprehensive approach to rebuilding infrastructure and institutions, but also hearts, minds and relationships.

This tells us much about how devastating deep-seated conflicts really are. Moreover, it also tells me how much better it would be if they didn’t start in the first place


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