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One can learn from crises

I know the roller coaster world economic situation is very disturbing, for many reasons. However, I found some encouraging signs in the midst of the seeming chaos. It appeared that rather quickly world leaders understood the need for working together, for unity, for some kind of coordinated action. Here are just a few references to the “u” word: MSNBC , Euronews , and VOA (Voice of America). I’m sure you can find many more.

You see, this is what some scholars call an indicator of burgeoning “global governance”. People are afraid of world government (though you could argue that a basic confederal system is already in place through the U.N.–but that’s another story); but at the same time, it is glaringly obvious that anything resembling peace and prosperity on this planet will require much closer policy coordination from all the prominent “players”–and that doesn’t just mean governments! Consider this: have you read any interesting science fiction in which the advanced civilzation of the future does not include the political and economic unity (in some form–not all of which are very attractive admittedly) of individual planets, and then the planets unification in some sort of federation (or empire, if the Dark Side gains the upper hand 🙂 ). Seems to me unity, and the infrastructure to keep it in tact _is_ the future. Or to put it more simply: no unity, not much of a future.

Worth thinking about maybe.


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