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In case you thought peace studies was just a “Western” thing…

I just came across an interesting place: the Center for Security and Peace Studies, Gadjah Mada University – Yogyakarta, Indonesia (emphasis added) (and their site is right here on WordPress!).  I know nothing about the place besides what I have seen on the internet, but they would seem to have a very up to date orientation to their subject(s):

“The center has three main programs, those are security sector reform, conflict resolution, and peace building which now focuses on seven issues area of concern; (1) ethnic-religious conflict and multiculturalism; (2) self-determination and regional autonomy; (3) public policy conflict and governance; (4) security sector reform; (5) civil society and democratization; (6) crisis management; and (7) human rights advocacy.”

Sure, you could argue that the interest in PCR (peace and conflict resolution) in this region is not surprising, given the conflicts in the last decades in places like Aceh and East Timor. But, just between you and me, that is always the case: interest in peace studies always spikes when there are problems that are either nearby or high profile in the media, or both. Sad perhaps, but true.


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