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If those of you who have been by here more than once suspect I just Google a lot to find topics to write about, you are correct to some extent. However, I do this primarily to increase my own knowledge of what is happening in the name of peace. For instance, did you know you could subscribe to a magazine about peace; a magazine that has been around (in one form or another) since 1983! Here’s the basic info blurb about the magazine:

“Journalists, educators, and activists keep up to date on the important work of peacemaking by reading this popular and respected magazine. Four times a year we publish articles, news stories, book and film reviews, letters, and a Peace Crossword. We discuss disarmament; conflict resolution; nonviolent sanctions; peace institutions (e.g. the United Nations and the World Court); conflicts and crises around the world; profiles of activists and researchers; and controversies about development, population, and environmental protection.

Our stories are technically accurate, yet intelligible to any reader with a general education and some interest in international affairs and global security.

Peace Magazine is published by Canadian Disarmament Information Service (CANDIS) — a nonprofit organization. We rely heavily on volunteers, including our associate editors who select and commission articles for each issue.” (you can find the whole info page here)

This is a subscription, print and paper, magazine, but you can find archives up to the prevoius year (ie 2007 at the moment) on line.

After looking through the list of topics in the archives, and skimming a few articles, I would say this looks like a good source of information (in fact, I might well use it as a source from time to time–got to get beyond the Wikipedia quick fix 🙂 ), which tries to be balanced (which is not to say, necessarily, politically neutral).

Oh, did I mention it was published in Canada?

IGbarb says: Check it out!

(usual caveat: just endorsing the utility as an information source, not any political perspective)


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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for your efforts towards peace! I found your blog via your interview with Dietrich Fischer.
    I am a former EPU student (I graduated this summer) and I must say I have learnt a lot more than I realised over the course of my year there.
    I am currently compiling a reading list with a friend and would be more than happy to forward it to you, along with any other resources I might be able to share.
    I must thank you for that interview with Dietrich- I have very fond memories of D and it was wonderful hearing his voice again!

    Comment by risha | October 29, 2008 | Reply

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