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U.S.-U.N. relations: an interesting site

If this subject interests you, you might check out The Better World Campaign.  Besides the George Clooney video I mentioned earlier, there is a short video (you can see the video on youtube here–check out some of the links to other interesting videos, found on the right) making the case that peacekeeping is cheaper than unilateral action in regard to conflict. There are a number of other interesting features including a page with information (from quite credible sources, such as the Brookings Institution) about U.N. related issues in the context of the 2008 elections, many links to useful resources , etc…

U.S.-U.N. relations is an important topic for many reasons, and this is just one of the many sites you can find that deal with it, directly or indirectly. For some understandable, and some not so easily understandable, reasons the U.N. is not as well regarded in the U.S. as it once was. After all, in the context of the immediate post-World War II world, the U.S. was the driving force in creating the organization and in drafting its Charter. It is, therefore, difficult to imagine an effective or reformed U.N. without increased and consistent U.S. support. As I wrote in an earlier post, educational and public information efforts are necessary in this regard, and I think the kind of information found on this site could be useful.

P.S. More information of this kind can be found on the official site of the United Nations Association of the U.S.A. which has partnered with The Better World Campaign to promote U.N. related issues in the U.S.


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