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Peace Museum in Dayton

I just came across the Dayton International Peace Museum , which calls itself “a space to make peace”.  This looks like a great place and if, somehow, I ever find myself in Dayton Ohio, I’m there.  The site is practically a peace education in itself.  Located in what is apparently quite an historic building, the Pollack house (that was once moved in one piece from one location to another) the museum:

“…houses permanent and rotating exhibits, a host of peace activities, and special events that focus on changing our culture of violence to a culture of peace.”

Check out their Peace Database . I certainly did not know that Thomas Jefferson had written a Peace Prayer.  There are so many resources here, I am definitely going to delve into them from time to time on these pages.  Just one last note for now:  if you scroll down near the bottom you will find a link to “Peace Quotes for a Culture of Peace” .  Just check that out for a few minutes (hours?)!

Anyway, this is a museum right, so what about the exhibits?  Well they look great.  They even have a Golden Rule room developing the important idea that all religions believe in this fundamental idea.

There is also a Summer Peace Camp for kids, which promotes the idea that “peace is fun” 🙂

IGbarb says:  check it out!!!

(watch this space for more on related themes to come)


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