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If you’ve had a look at the sub-title of this blog, you will note that I am interested in the “many aspects” of peace.  Well, I found what is for me a new “aspect”.  Thanks to Stumbleupon (great time waster and sometimes informative), I came across the site of the Freewayblogger .  If you go to the homepage, you will see that I have to inject my usual caveat (ie that I don’t necessarily endorse the views found on the page), right away 🙂 .

As you cannot miss, the idea here is that putting signs on or near highways is a good way to get a message (almost any kind of message) across; and I thought the “Operation:  Peace on Earth Page” was interesting for its variety of sign placements.  As the page points out:  “…nothing says ‘Peace on Earth’ quite like a whole bunch of signs saying ‘Peace on Earth’ “.  Also, I give the author credit for pointing out that this sort of effort might not be entirely legal, so please take this into consideration before starting your own “freeway blog.”

Still, all in all, IGbarb says:  check it out!

(Note: it doesn’t look like the site has been updated in a while…maybe the freewayblogger found out that not all law enforcement agreed with what she/he was doing 🙂 )


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  1. hello IGBarb, and thanks for the kind words. the freewayblogger.com is rarely updated, but more daily updates can be found at http://freewayblogger.blogspot.com

    of course, now that the smart people are coming back in charge I’ll porobably just keep my messages to the simpler “peace on earth” variety”… or I might have to go Israel and give them a history lesson.

    cardboard, paint and something to say – that’s all it takes.

    Comment by scarlet p. | January 9, 2009 | Reply

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