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As a new violent conflict dominates the headlines, one might tend to think that peace is getting farther away.  There is some truth in this view, since the more violence is used, the more the necessity of using it seems to be confirmed; and the more pacific means of conflict resolution are undermined and seen as “utopian” and “soft”.

However, if we step back and take a longer term view, I think we can find trends and indicators that peace is coming closer–though admittedly not fast enough for many (including me).  Here is a quotation from a document to which I’ve linked previously, the “Promise of World Peace” , which lists some plausible signs of peace:

“Among the favourable signs are the steadily growing strength of the steps towards world order taken initially near the beginning of this century in the creation of the League of Nations, succeeded by the more broadly based United Nations Organization; the achievement since the Second World War of independence by the majority of all the nations on earth, indicating the completion of the process of nation building, and the involvement of these fledgling nations with older ones in matters of mutual concern; the consequent vast increase in co-operation among hitherto isolated and antagonistic peoples and groups in international undertakings in the scientific, educational, legal, economic and cultural fields; the rise in recent decades of an unprecedented number of international humanitarian organizations; the spread of women’s and youth movements calling for an end to war; and the spontaneous spawning of widening networks of ordinary people seeking understanding through personal communication.”

While widespread violence can undermine all these developments, the fact remains that humanity is in many ways coming together, and the issue of peace is becoming more and more urgent.   However, this coming together involves both creative and destructive processes.  What are listed above (and explained further in the document) represent some of the positive forces, whereas the violence and social breakdown we witness are, while tragic, apparently necessary to clear the way for new thinking and action more in tune with the needs of our age.


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