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In one of my classes we are discussing the role of NGOs in conflict situations, and it so happens I just came across the site of The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (the HD Centre) , which looks to be a very committed and well established actor in conflict resolution.  As their homepage explains:

“The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (the HD Centre) is an independent organisation, based in Geneva, Switzerland, dedicated to helping improve the global response to armed conflict.

It attempts to achieve this by mediating between warring parties and providing support to the broader mediation community. The HD Centre is driven by humanitarian values and its ultimate goal to reduce the consequences of violent conflict, improve security, and ultimately contribute to the peaceful resolution of conflict.

It maintains a neutral stance towards the warring parties that it mediates between and, in order to maintain its impartiality it is funded by a variety of governments, private foundations and philanthropists.”

If you click around the site you will see that they both have mediation projects (in places like Myanmar, Kenya, Timor, etc…) and do a number of quite innovative things to support mediation worldwide.  Have a look at the Oslo Forum page, to get an idea of the scope of these efforts.

Generally, the site is very rich, including interesting publications and quite up to date information on the Centre’s activities.

As this very comprehensive article from Wikipedia points out, mediation is an important area of conflict manangement and resolution, since it facilitates communication and opens dialogue among parties who are very likely not talking to each other at a time when communication is essential to stop violence and begin to get past conflict.  Organizations such as the HD Centre provide a service of great value in improving the practice of mediation, in carrying out mediation, and in participating and strengthening the network of international mediators.


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