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I like to share from time to time, places to learn about peace and conflict resolution.  Some of these “places” can be accessed online from the comfort of your own home.  For instance, The Conflict Resolution Information Resource, that I’ve mentioned before, has some very nice course offerings.  Consider this course, “Dealing Constructively with Intractable Conflicts (DCIC)“:

“The course focuses primarily on long-lasting, difficult-to-resolve conflicts, but it also has a lot of general conflict resolution material.   About half of the material is theoretical, covering topics such as:

* The nature and causes of intractable conflict
* Why some conflicts are more or less tractable than others
* Dynamics of intractable conflicts?
* How intractable conflicts end?

The other half of the material is more practical, covering such questions as:

* How does one do a conflict assessment?
* What types of intervention are needed to transform intractable conflicts?
* How do these different types of intervention work?
* How are interventions evaluated?”

There is also a very useful tutorial  on “Finding Conflict Information on the World Wide Web”, which has some practical exercises in finding the information you need.  Excellent idea IMHO.

It seems that information and training about peace is getting easier to access (at least for those who can get on the Internet).  This has to be a good thing.

Stay tuned for more places where you can acquire skills and take courses in this area.


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