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I heard about the  International Master in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies (PEACE Master) of the Universitat Jaume I (UJI), Castellón, Spain some years ago, and I thought I would learn a bit more about it.  The program has the following goals:

1. General aims

1.1. To spread the ideas of peace, conflicts, humanitarian aid and development cooperation as proposed by UNESCO, so that the future professionals and researchers include these ideas entirely in their working fields, both as part of their objectives as well as of their processes (multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches).
1.2. To create an environment of study and critical research and of academic excellence according to the statutes of University Jaume I and the convergence process of European Higher Education Area within the Bologna Framework.
1.3. To promote the recognition of cultural diversity and intercultural education.
1.4. To develop individual, social and professional skills to make peace (peaces) and to transform conflicts by peaceful means.
1.5. To study the potential of transforming Humanitarian Support into long-term development and co-development processes.
1.6. To move forward in the construction of cultures for peace by means of intense academic and professional work. This work would be developed both in the seminar rooms of the Master of Arts as well as by the graduates in the program. Once they join their working places in their native countries, their point of view would be critical, intercultural, gender based, with a perspective of conflict transformation and alternative diplomacy.
1.7. To consolidate the necessary knowledge, tools and attitudes to establish working networks in order to implement world policies based on sustainable development, cooperative responsibility and the environmental security.

As you can see, they also take a broad approach to peace and look at its many related issues.  At first glance the program seems to be well thought out, pedagogically as well as in regard to subject matter (check out this page for more information). You can find a detailed list of the courses offered here.

You will also see that they have an association with UNESCO, and that you can study in either Spanish or English.

This looks like a good program, and as you probably understand by now, I think we need more and more programs like this at the university level.  IGBarb says:  Study peace, not war!


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