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A Positive Sign

The Peace and Collaborative Development Network just sent me an interesting announcement about a Summer Institite for Faculty on Teaching Peace in the 21st Century.  This institute is sponsored by one of the premier Peace Studies organizations in the U.S. (if not the world) The Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at  Notre Dame University in Indiana (check out their home page…there is a lot there).

What I find so encouraging about this announcement is the following:

“In response to growing interest in peace studies at institutions of higher education around the country and world, the Kroc Institute is offering its first Summer Institute for faculty of colleges and universities.” (emphasis added).

I suspected this was the case, but I was happy to see this confirmation.  Believe me, in these uncertain economic times, a university is not going to offer a program without some good reason to believe there is interest 🙂 .

To cite further:

“The Institute is designed for faculty who would like to launch a peace studies program at their institution, or who want to solidify a fledgling peace studies program or take established peace studies courses and programs to the next level of design and rigor. Faculty from various fields and institutions will:

* Engage intellectually with leading thinkers regarding the contemporary parameters of peace studies as it relates to praxis, research, and teaching;
* Explore pedagogical, administrative, and public relations challenges of peace studies in our era;
* Give teams of three faculty members from the same campus the chance to collaborate on course development and programming while benefitting from ideas and expertise of others in the field.”

This sounds very good.  Note the reference to the public relations challenges of peace studies.  Strangely, “peace” and “peace studies” have something of an image problem, and I think helping faculty to deal with this is an excellent idea.

So, that’s the good news for today 🙂 .


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