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I received two comments recently which, among other things, informed me about making quilts for peace.  I Googled a bit, and came across the “Boise Peace Quilt Project” (please let me know about others).  The thinking behind the project is summarized like this:

“Ours could be described as the most problematic era in human history. It also offers unprecedented opportunities for creative change.

Horrific weapons, grinding poverty, overpopulation and environmental degradation threaten our children’s future. As the tide of awareness and concern rises in ordinary people like ourselves, we realize that we must act.

We stitched our first Peace Quilt in 1981. A “friendship quilt” for people of the former Soviet Union, it linked people of rival nations–affirming our common humanity and taking a tangible step toward understanding and cooperation.

Since then we have presented dozens of quilts to people who have made remarkable contributions to peace, justice, and environmental stewardship.”

As the site explains further:

“Some of our quilts transform “enemies” into friends; some honor people who are blazing trails to a better future for our global family; some of our quilts focus attention on social issues of vital concern.”

Here are a few links to images of some of the quilts the project has produced so far:

Hiroshima Peace Quilt: May, 1983

Worldwatch/Lester Brown Peace Quilt: December, 1993

National Peace Quilt November, 1984

…and many more.

It is not clear from the site if the project is ongoing, but if it isn’t, somebody should start it up again.

This is a great initiative:  really linking the “local” and the “global” in pursuit of peace.  I think it would be wonderful to snuggle under a peace quilt on a cold night and, as one drifted off to sleep, think about the work of those dedicated to this noble cause.


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    This is something you maybe interested in.

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