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The U.N. D.P.A.

I was looking around the U.N. website (always a good place to learn something interesting), and I clicked on the Peace & Security link near the top of the home page.  The Peace and Seucrity page has links to many important aspects of the U.N.’s work, but I was particularly attracted to the link Peacemaking and Preventive Action , which, in fact brings you to the page of the Department of Political Affairs (DPA).

The site explains the raison d’etre of the DPA as follows:

“Through peacemaking, preventive diplomacy and a host of other means, the United Nations works to prevent and resolve deadly conflict around the globe and to promote lasting peace in societies emerging from wars.

The Department of Political Affairs plays a central role in these efforts: monitoring and assessing global political developments; advising the U.N. Secretary-General on actions that could advance the cause of peace; providing support and guidance to U.N. peace envoys and political missions in the field; and serving Member States directly through electoral assistance and through the support of DPA staff to the work of the Security Council and other U.N. bodies.

In carrying out these and other core functions, DPA contributes to U.N. efforts worldwide that span the spectrum from conflict prevention to peacemaking to post-conflict peace building.”

IMHO, this is a very important element in promoting peace internationally.  In a sense, this is where the “smart money” is in regard to peacebuilding.  A “fireman” approach to conflict resolution–putting out fires that break out–is not enough, since we know that violence breeds violence, and that as long as the underlying issues are not resolved, conflict comes back, again and again, in various forms.  So, it stands to reason that you need to be proactive, to monitor indicators of potential violence (like human rights violations) and to try to intervene before a situation becomes critical.


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