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Here is another (very) engaged organization working for peace and conflict resolution.  They describe themselves as an “…independent charity working to prevent violence, promote justice and transform conflict into opportunities for development. We give practical support to people and groups working in countries affected by armed conflict.”   The “Who We Are” page explains further:

“Conciliation Resources (CR) is an international non-governmental organization registered in the UK as a charity. We work mainly in the South Caucasus, Fjii, Uganda, Sudan and West Africa in partnership with local and international civil society organizations and governments. We also publish Accord: an international review of peace initiatives and are involved in projects in Colombia and the Philippines. Our funding is through grants from governments, independent trusts and foundations.”

..and their goals are:

*   support people working at local, national and international levels to develop effective solutions to social, economic and political problems related to violent conflicts
* provide opportunities for inclusive dialogue and improved relationships within communities and across conflict divides at all social and political levels
* influence governments and other decision makers to employ conflict transformation policies that promote alternatives to violence
* improve peacemaking practice and policies by promoting learning from peace processes around the world
* challenge stereotypes and increase public awareness of human rights, conflict and peace issues in divided societies

The site is information-rich, and you will probably be impressed, as I was, with the scope of their activities.  They also publish a very nice journal (which I have used in the past) called Accord (which you can download, btw).

What more can I add…this is good stuff!


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