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G-20 about to start

You probably already know this, but the G-20 summit is just about to start.   Whatever happens, it won’t be a run of the mill summit, since major issues of global economic governance are on the table.  I came across this story, among others, from the BBC which is interesting for a number of reasons.  First of all, some of the right things (from my perspective, at least, :-)) are being said.  For instance, Gordon Brown said that the:  “…the G20 were hours away from agreeing a plan for economic reform. Global solutions were needed for global problems…”

The article goes on to state that:

“World leaders are gathering in London to discuss ways to resolve the financial crisis.
However, rifts have begun to emerge, with French President Nicolas Sarkozy saying France and Germany are not happy with the current draft G20 accord.
The summit takes place amid tight security and police warnings of “unprecedented” levels of protest.”

The problems of getting everybody on the same page are very real, and it will be interesting as I’ve mentioned before, to see if the leaders can find common ground for collective action.  At least there seems to be a general recognition that something along those lines is necessary

The protest, however you may feel about it, should be taken seriously.  The world economic crisis has only accentuated the already quite widespread suspicion of world leaders’ priorities when they come together like this.

So, from all angles, this could turn out to be a watershed event in the crisis:  either effective collective measures will be taken, or unity will not be achieved and the situation will deteriorate even further.

Watch this space!


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