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I’ve written abou the Dayton International Peace Museum before.  Well, I just went back to their site and found The Global Peace Partnership page.   Here’s the idea:

“Throughout the world there are people involved in peacemaking. In fact the peacemakers of the world far outnumber the violent people, but we hear more about the violent because they make more noise.
Peace museums give people of peace a place to be heard and a space for peace to grow. The Global Peace Partnership is a way for people around the world to connect, have a voice and see that they are not alone in their desire to live in a more peaceful world. Currently, the Dayton International Peace Museum is linked with people from 35 different countries throughout the world and growing everyday.”

You can see a list of Partners and an overview of thier activities here.   I certainly found this list interesting.  Did you know there was a Peace Museum in Teheran?  I certainly didn’t :

“The Tehran Peace Museum is an interactive peace experience including peace education programs, workshops and conferences on peace. The Museum focuses on culture, international humanitarian law, disarmament, and peace advocacy. Individual stories of victims of war are displayed in the museum as well as a virtual museum connecting other museums throughout the world. A peace library is found in the museum covering a variety of peace topics. International and Iranian art and other exhibits promoting peace are displayed throughout the museum.”

Peace really is everybody’s concern and everybody’s job.


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