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Cactus for Peace?

I came across a nice site called “May Peace Prevail on Earth News“, which talks about some things I’ve mentioned from time to time such as peace poles, and many others.  Well, there is a story on the site at the time of writing about a lady from Argentina and her cactus.  It is not long so I will include it in full:

“This cactus has been growing in a pot, in my small terrace since 2000.
In 2008 after the Annual Gathering of the Peace Project in Uruguay, I decided that my cactus looked like a Peace Pole.  It was now 2.25 meters high.
On January 7th, 2009, I gently engraved the Peace Message Que La Paz Prevalezca En La Tierra just onto the surface of its outer layer.  Amazingly, I was not stung by its thorns.
12 Hours later, 12 buds had appeared.  The next morning 3 flowers had opened up. Then 3 more buds appeared both on top and bottom. Over a short period of time, 15 flowers bloomed in all!!
For this wonder, I thank my guardian deities and the cactus’ guardian deities.

Elena Becu

Yolanda Alarcon
Provincia de Buenos Aires

You can see what the cactus looks like here.

I am neither endorsing nor refuting the truth of this report.  I will say though that, as per my own experience, stranger things have happened.   Couldn’t hurt to leave a few peace messages around living things.  🙂

May peace prevail on earth!


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