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Peace Ph.D. in Thailand!

I just came across the Ph.D. Program in Peacebuilding, at the Institute of Religion, Culture and Peace, Payap University, Chiang Mai, Thailand.    The University is church affiliated, according to this page :

“Payap University, located in Chiang Mai, was founded by the Church of Christ in Thailand, the largest and strongest Protestant church in Thailand and the primary companion of the ELCA in Thailand. Within the university structure is McGilvary School of Theology, the theological training center for the CCT.”

The same page describes the Center offering the Ph.D in these terms:  “The university’s Institute of Religion, Culture and Peace has become a resource for people of different faiths and backgrounds to meet and discuss ideologies and examine proposals for living in peace”

The program itself has, as you might expect given its institutional context, a religious dimension, reflected in courses such as “Meaning and History of “Religiousness” and “Religiousness and Peace”.  Overall, there is an emphasis (which regular readers of this blog know I like) on combining the theoretical with peace “praxis”:

“The program will consist of a rigorous study of the theoretical side of Peace Studies combined with experiential fieldwork in the area of conflict transformation and resolution.  The objective of this program is to develop ways in which theory and practice can be combined in ways that provide a better and more cohesive grounding for both theoretical peace studies and actual peacebuilding.

Rather than being “study for study’s sake”, it will be “study for practice’s sake”.  Thus, it is analogous to advanced academic programs provided by schools of medicine, social work, music, and architecture.  Reflective study resulting in a thorough knowledge of theories of peacebuilding is the starting point of the program; this is then followed by and combined with critical evaluation and the development of new improved theories.  ”

Hmmm…it really does seem like Peace Studies, if not yet peace itself, is breaking out all over!

“Blessed are the peacemakers…”


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