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Another “Imagine” related site

Since I know many people are interested in peace symbols and peace images, I went looking again, and discovered “Imagine Peace” .   As far as I can tell this is a project of photographer Donald Verger , to collect and post images of peace (understood broadly).

As he explains:  “Started, the morning after the London sadness… remembering John Lennon’s wish/song/image… for PEACE…”  (presumably he is referring to the Transit Rail bombing in July of 2005.

Here are a few that I really like (but please go there and look for yourself):

“Imagine” from Diane S.

Wagon Wheel of Peace

something from Evaristo Buendia-Carrera

lovely swans from Gemm Ferrane

“Give Peas a Chance” (yup, you guessed it–I love this one!)

From June Marie Sobrito

I don’t know if this site/project is still active, however as is it provides some wonderful images and points us to some talented people who seem to be committed to peace and peacefulness.

(I would have preferred to actually show some of the images here, but they are copyrighted and I am trying to be law-abiding.  They are worth the effort to click, believe me 🙂 )


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