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Star Trek and Peace

I guess just about everybody on the planet knows the new Star Trek movie just came out (I’m not even going to link to anything since it is a no brainer to find sites about that 🙂 ).  However, SciFi gets people thinking (sometimes, anyway), and one of the tech/gadget blogs I read, Gizmodo,  had an interesting post about “Why we need to reach the stars (and we will)” .  The article itself is food for thought whether or not you agree with it.   For instance:

“…even if we are able to discover a propulsion method that could get a spacecraft close to the speed of light, it will still take hundred of years to reach an star system with planets similar to Earth. By the time the news get back to us, we all will be dead.”


“…since we don’t know how everything works, there still may be something that opens the way to faster-than-light space travel. Discovering the unknown—like physicists have been doing since the Greeks—and harnessing new math and theories into new technology is our only way to spread through the Universe in a way that makes sense to Humanity as a whole. You know, like Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica or Star Wars: Travel across the Universe in hours or days, not in centuries or millennia.”

However, what really captured my attention was the link between the “Star Trek” scenario (ie humanity going out to find what Arthur C. Clarke called our playground among the stars) and peace:

“The fact is that I’m convinced that interstellar travel will happen. You and I will probably not see it, but if Humanity can survive self-annihilation, I’m sure we will achieve it.”


“Ultimately, the most important thing will not be getting the answers to these eternal questions. The most important thing will be the process of reaching for the stars. Because if we manage to get there, it would mean that we managed to survive as a species. That is the only way we can develop the engineering and the resources needed to build something like the Enterprise. Survive self-destruction, solve the problems we have here, collaborate, work as species, not as countries or corporations.

That’s what space exploration and interstellar travel is all about. Only if we manage to go beyond our petty fights and stupid wars, only if we work together towards a better future, we will be able to go where no one has gone before. And be back to tell about it before dinner gets cold.”


IGBarb says:  Live long and prosper!


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