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Peace Geek is an informative blog.   As the blogger her/himself describes it, Peace Geek presents:  “Insightful analysis of random news stories related to violence and nonviolence in the U.S. and abroad, with an emphasis on what can be done to make things better (with some occasional humor and random acts of journalism mixed in).”

As you might have noticed, my recent post about Sarasota FLA came from there.  Here’s a list of some of the other stories on the site just this month:

* “Soldiers of Peace” – CSN&Y
* Needed: Peace Heroes
* Act Now to Reduce Youth Violence
* The Line Between “Free Speech” and “Irresponsible  Speech
* Twin Cities Premier: “Soldiers of Peace”
* Rep. Donna Edwards Supports a Department of Peace
* What is Real National Security?
* The Culture of Availability

The article on “What is Real National Security” is very interesting, indeed, and I would suggest you read it.  It contains both “good” and “bad” news.  The good news is that some people in high places seem to be getting the message that planes and tanks cannot address many (perhaps most) of the real security challenges of the 21st century.  The bad news is that the bureaucratic structures responsible for defining and pursuing security are still very much in a 20th century mindset.   As Peace Geek argues:

“In the face of our own ignorance, obstinance and partisan fear-mongering, how are we to move beyond the outdated systems, structures and beliefs that block us from understanding that human security–not just for Americans, but for everyone–is the only thing that will truly keep us safe?”

As somebody once said:  “the first step to finding a solution is to correctly formulate the problem” (or words to that effect 🙂 ); and I think Peace Geek as put the matter clearly and succinctly.


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  1. Wow! Thanks for letting us know about this incredible blog! Some of the posts on Peace Geek are amazing! 🙂

    Comment by Violence B. Gawn | June 18, 2009 | Reply

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