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I’ve learned writing this blog that while many dreadful things are happening in the world, there are also many positive responses, and the number seeems to be growing.  However, one doesn’t hear much about them–you have to look.   One place to look is The Culture of Peace News Network:

“CPNN, the Culture of Peace News Network, is a space where readers exchange information about events, experiences, books, music, and web news that promote a culture of peace. It is a self-sustaining network in which You, the reader, are invited to write a news report and contribute to its discussion. CPNN is a project of the United Nations International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World.”

I really like the interactive map on the home page.  You just click on a region and you get a list of the reports for that area.  I clicked on Africa and learned a number of things about which I had no idea.  For instance, I certainly did not know there was a Shalom Centre for Africa in Rwanda.  I then clicked on Latin America and learned that there were people Working for a Culture of Peace in the Valley of the Cauca, Colombia .    The author of this second report, Ramiro Evalle Yanes, writes:

“During the past seven years I have been directing a project called the PEACE CHAIR (“CÁTEDRA DE PAZ”) in the department of the Valley of the Cauca, Colombia. Its objective is the construction of a peace culture, based on respect for human rights, the fulfillment of duties, the founding of a citizen culture and the peaceful resolution of conflicts in the schools.

The project is directed at 200,000 students of pre-school, primary and baccalaureate. With my work team at the Secretariat of Education (we are 3), we have prepared 9000 teachers to be multipliers of the project in each school. All the teachers have received all the training, and they go back to their schools, bringing the project to their colleagues and to the students.

One of the special missions is to establish mediation centers in each school. We enter in stage six of the program. These centers involve some teachers but they must be formed by the students themselves from the third to the eleventh grade. The students acquire training, using material that we provide to them, and little by little they acquire a peace culture.”

He goes on to describe how the project had to deal with the local narco-trafficker (they refused the money and assistance he offered ).  Amazing story!

Each report also poses questions for discussion and encourages readers to talk things over.

This is an impressive use of new media to promote a Culture of Peace.

IGbarb says:  Check it out!


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