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Back again, and a few interesting links

Hello Readership,

I was away for a few days and took a short break from blogging.  This may happen again in August, depending on how “laid back” I am feeling while on vacation.  I was in the U.S. for a week (in the Northeast), and as always it was interesting to get back in touch with America and things American.

OK…back to “work.”  Just before leaving, I came across the Tamera:  Healing Biotope site, which seemed  worth sharing.  Here is their explanation of what they are doing:

“What is Tamera?
“Those who don`t want war need a vision for peace”

The “Healing Biotope 1 Tamera” in Southern Portugal is an international training and experimental site for the development of peace research villages and healing biotopes worldwide. Under the motto “Think Locally, Act Globally,” approximately 200 people live, work and study in Tamera. Tamera’s aim is to develop an example of a model for a nonviolent co-existence of people and between people and nature. The main tasks of Tamera are: the education of young people within the “Monte Cerro” peace study, the building of a village model called “Solar Village” which produces its own food and solar energy, and global networking under the name of GRACE.”

You can go here to learn more about the movement’s founders and history (they’ve been around since 1995).  One of the founders, sociologist and psychoanalyst Dieter Duhn, explains the raison d’etre of Tamera this way:

“The patterns of order of the human society shall agree with the patterns of life and creation. Without harmony between biosphere and socio-sphere, between human and universal life, the healing of the earth will no longer be possible. This is why it is necessary to build up model settlements and future communities where this harmony can be investigated and put into practice. People are needed who are willing to place their lives at the service of this task.”

If you click around you will see that they are actively involved in peace education, including the creation of “Peace Villages”.

I think there is much to be learned here, and I find the idea of providing an example of peaceful living very insightful.  Many people don’t believe in peace because they have never seen it in action…so why not show them?

IGbarb says:  check it out!

(though usual caveats apply:  just informin’ not promotin’)


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