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I was just looking at the Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace website .    Their “About” page explains what they are doing this way:

“The Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace is a worldwide community of civil society campaigns, organisations, committed citizens and elected and appointed government officials from over 30 countries (so far) who;

are calling and working for the establishment, in their governments and in governments around the world, of ministries and departments of peace that reflect and support the emergence of a global culture of peace and non-violence; and

subscribe to the organisational  and conflict resolution principles stated below.

The purpose of the Global Alliance is to enable and facilitate the capacity of its network to share and provide one another with resources, encouragement, and support for existing and new national campaigns for Ministries and Departments of Peace. It also seeks, through the combined activities of the Global Alliance and its broader networks, to increase global understanding amongst civil societies and governments around the world of the need for Ministries and Departments of Peace.”

This page goes on to discuss their organization’s principles (such as Good Will, Inclusivity, Clarity and Simplicity…and many more), and to explain their principles of  conflict resolution, which I think merit being cited at length:

“The Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace Campaign calls for an approach to resolving conflict, internationally and domestically that is rooted in the understanding that conflict must be addressed from a commitment to meeting the fundamental needs of all humanity for security, mutual respect and justice. Such an approach, which we might call the “peace approach” are founded on the following basic principles:

·         Bottom-Up: Peace building from below to develop a new architecture of peace based upon the aspirations of civil societies.

·         Partnership: Civil society working in partnership with governments to reveal possibilities for dialogue and conflict transformation in a given situation – domestic as well as international.

·         Inclusion: Engaging and empowering all stakeholders in a given conflict transformation.

·         Listening: Respectfully and empathetically listening to and recognising the legitimacy and needs of all parties.

·         Root Causes: Responding to the most fundamental human needs of sustenance, identity, security, and recognition.

·         Creativity: Opening space for the emergence of various possible outcomes to a given conflict and their potential for transformation.

·         Healing: Recognising mutual healing as a key to conflict transformation.

·         Modelling: In our attitudes, behaviours, life, and work, modelling the peace we seek in the world and taking responsibility for peaceful outcomes.”

I was interested to learn that two countries already have Ministries/Departments of Peace:  Nepal and the Solomon Islands.

It looks like these people are serious…

IGBarb says:  more grease to their collective elbows!


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