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A year ago I started to play golf again (I figured basketball was just a touch too much for a senior citizen!).   I am, in fact, sitting here right now watching the British Open (go Tom Watson!).  Anyhow, I thought “why not?”, and googled Golf and Peace.  To be honest, there weren’t many very interesting “hits”.  However, I did happen upon the “Peace Portal Golf Course” .

The course looks to be a nice, normal golf course and is not the center of any special peace activities I could find.  However, there is a bit of history that explains the name.  Some time ago, I wrote about the Peace Arch: ” The Peace Arch, which stands 20.5 meters (67.2 ft) tall, was built by Sam Hill and dedicated in September of 1921, and commemorates the signing of the Treaty of Ghent in 1814.”  Well, as it turns out:

“Peace Portal Golf Course was envisioned by Sam Hill, a Seattle lawyer also noted for constructing the International Peace Arch which marks the gateway between British Columbia and Washington state in 1921. Clubhouse and course construction began in 1927 and charter members formed a club at the fledging course in 1928 which celebrated it’s 80th Anniversary in 2008.” (see the whole history here ) .  Hill  “…hoped to make Peace Portal Golf Club a golf course of international note.  When he traveled, he would hand out world globes to people he met”.

This got me wondering about Mr. Hill, and it turns out he was quite a “character” (learn more here ), and even has a museum !

Hill, was, apparently, of Quaker origin and this may explain in part his concern about healing the wounds of World War I and promoting peace in North America.

I don’t know if you have to be eccentric to innovate as Hill did, but I guess it helps 🙂

(btw, he was not, it seems,  the source of the expression “What in the Sam Hill?  That refers to an earlier Mr. Hill)


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