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1,000,000-a nice round number

I just learned about 1,000,000 Acts of Peace, a new peace movement based in Thailand (I think).    Here is the press release about the new movement:

“August 7, 2009

New International Peace Movement Launched Today

Bangkok – Today marks the launch of A Million Acts of Peace, a new international peace movement that is challenging one million people from around the world to commit to doing one act of peace.

A Million Acts of Peace is coordinated by four Rotary International Peace Scholars from Canada, India and the Philippines, who believe that small acts undertaken by large groups can bring about big change in our world.

A Million Acts of Peace will allow individuals to take action to bring about peace, an issue that most people do not feel they have the power to influence.

A Million Acts of Peace invites you to visit our website at http://www.millionactsofpeace.com for further information on the campaign, to track acts of peace around the world and to send us your ideas.”

On this page, they provide some suggestions for “acts of peace”:

Work in a community garden
Teach someone how to read
Participate in a political process
Break up a fight at school
Join an international pen-pal network
Listen actively when someone speaks
Do not repeat hurtful jokes
Make a video about peace and post it online
Forgive a past hurt
Take a class in conflict resolution
Write and share a poem about peace
Befriend someone from another culture
Learn about the history of another country
Be polite at checkpoints
Organize a peaceful demonstration

When somebody does one of these things they can write to the movement and the act will be added to the list (though I can’t find the contact email address on the site!).

Hmmm…kind of reminds me of an old joke (which I won’t repeat here):  what do you call 1,000,000 acts of peace?  A good start!  🙂


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  1. Check out “Building A New World Order: Sustainable Policies for the Future” by Harald Müller. The title is part of The Sustainability Project – a 12 book series on climate change, globalization and sustainable development.

    Harald Müller is the head of the Peace Studies Foundation of Hesse and Professor of International Relations at the University of Frankfurt. For many years he was the disarmament advisor to the former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

    Short synopsis of the book:
    The idea of “global governance”, which takes measures to solve conflicts and manage risks in the world, is becoming more and more accepted. This book shows why success depends on the commitment of many people instead of a few state leaders and how the conditions for establishing sustainable norms in such a world order can be created.

    Muller looks at ideas such as ‘oulawing war’, sustainable global governance, the players (ie. The UN, The Secretary General, regional organizations, the superpowers and more) and ‘power, the market, morality and the law’. His leading analysis and insights are captivating and demonstrate both his depth of experience and knowledge. Well presented innovative thinking and a fantastic read!

    To find out more see: http://www.hauspublishing.com/product/239

    Comment by Eliza | August 21, 2009 | Reply

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