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The Alliance has a Summit

Some time ago I posted about the Global Alliance for Ministries and Departments of Peace .   Well it turns out that they are holding a “summit”:  the Global Alliance Summit for Ministries and Departments for Peace (GASummit for short).  It will take place in Costa Rica from 17-21 September, and according to the site:  “…participants from around the world will gather to chart the course forward for the international peace movement.”  That sounds rather important.

The GASummit’s About page explains further:

“The Summit’s theme this year is Building Bridges of Peace and it will take place September 13 -21, 2009 in San José, Costa Rica. The goal of the Summit is to expand the Global Alliance network by involving highly-qualified Summit participants from at least 40 countries, who are motivated to develop peace infrastructure in their home governments. At the Summit, you will have the opportunity to take part in daily plenary sessions and learning activities to integrate the peace building skills and regional/international networking necessary to work with other civil society groups and government officials to increase your campaign’s potential for success.”

The Summit also includes an optional five day “BePeace” course.  The looks very interesting, since there seems to be a clearly defined focus on the link between inner peace and the ability to contribute to the process of building outer peace.    It is intended to develop abilities in the following areas:

•    Advocating for Peace

•    Creating Harmonious Workplaces

•    Team Building

•    Mediation Skills

•    Conflict Resolution

•    Improved Personal & Professional Relationships

•    Creative Problem Solving

Here are couple of videos that introduce the Costa Rican Peace Academy which sponsors the BePeace course.

Seems to me this is a movement to watch.


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