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I often think about the connection between peace and sports.  On the one hand many sports have military origins; but on the other the great international sport activities bring people together.  The Peace and Sport Organization is doing a lot to promote the latter aspect of sport:


* Peace and Sport puts the values of sport at the service of peace everywhere where there is need

Peace is taught, learnt and passed on.

Through sport we aim at teaching communities and individuals in crisis how to live in peace, defend peace and respect peace.

* Sport is unique in its capacity to federate and unite for sustainable peace

Through its values and rules, sport goes beyond social, political, cultural, racial or religious differences that are often at the core of conflicts in the world.

Taught in a structured way, with tangible activities aimed at youth, sport transmits the values of universal peace by promoting dialogue and meetings between communities. It encourages understanding, mutual respect and brings human beings together.

Sport thus becomes a source of personal balance and social stability in a world where people can live together more harmoniously.”



“Our mission is to promote sustainable peace by raising awareness about and educating youth about peace using the structuring values of sport.

Although governments and sports leaders are becoming increasingly aware of the peaceful values that sport brings and the capacity of sport to prevent and resolve conflicts, they do not yet use the full potential of sport in this domain.

Confronted by complex situations, they often find it difficult to set up the necessary synergies to solve issues.

For this reason, Peace and Sport offers to intervene to make sport a basis for concerted, efficient and adapted political action, so becoming an essential tool for peace.

To achieve this mission, Peace and Sport promotes international cooperation agreements between actors from politics, the world of sport, society and business.”

This all makes sense to me, and I think they are going in the right direction.  IGBarb says:  watch this space!

The site also has this very apropos quote from Nelson Mandela, which sums up the important points very nicely:

“Sport has the power to change the world, the power to inspire, the power to unite people in a way that little else can… sport can create hope… it is an instrument for Peace” Nelson Mandela, Nobel Peace Prize, 1993


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