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I posted once about Peace Murals, and to my surprise “peace murals” and related terms have been among the most commonly occurring searches which bring people to my blog.  I’m not quite sure what this means but it seems to be a “node” in the Internet (homage to William Gibson’s Bridge Trilogy, for those who know it 🙂 ).  So, I thought I’d follow up on the idea and I came across the Creative Peace Mural Society.

Here’s an glimpse of what they are up to:

“The Creative Peace Mural Society is a non-denominational, non-profit organization that promotes international understanding and links through the creation of textile murals representing local culture, history and geography.”

“Vision and Goal

The purpose of the Creative Peace Mural Society is to create a deeper understanding of people around the world. It explores who we are, how we live, our cultures and values.

The society has three objectives:

1. To design, create and produce a textile mural depicting the culture, history and geography of a specific region of the world.

2.To conduct a celebration event on the completion of each mural that depicts the culture of the region.

3.To provide an international platform for the display of all the murals and for the celebration of the cultures of all regions”

…and here is what the murals are like:

“A Mural Project

Textile murals are planned for ten communities around the world. At this time five murals have been completed:
Victoria, B.C. Canada
Ballymena, Northern Ireland
Mex, Valais, Switzerland
Montevideo, Uruguay
Lviv, Ukraine

– 15 ft wide by 7 ft high
– 5 m wide by 2 m high

Overall Image

Outside border = handprints on fabric
Inner border = language
Inside = cultural interpretation of the history, geography and culture of the community”

There are only a couple of pictures of completed mural projects available on the site (as far as I could tell) but they are impressive (click on the images below for a bigger version–definitely worth the clicks 🙂 ):

New Zealand

New Zealand

Coast Salish

Coast Salish

The arts are a powerful instrument for promoting peace and understanding, and this seems like a well conceived and executed endeavor.

IGBarb says:  Check it out!


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