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Even more murals!

OK…I’m on a “roll” here.  The Earth Harmony Foundation’s “Seeds of Peace Mural Programs” page has some great images.    As the site explains:


Images of peace to shape a peaceful future.
Creative expression and fostering artistic development.
Utilizing talents and imagination of schoolchildren to uplift their community.
Beyond the absence of war, peace is a way of living in which [sic] enriches our lives and our world. We can develop our awareness of how to live a peaceful life through art and imagination.
Peace is living in a state of harmony with the earth and all it’s creatures.
It is maintaining balance, between the grand and the humble, the mountain and the dewdrop.
It is creating safe and fruitful places to live, to work, to play, to cherish.
It is embracing the needs of the many, while upholding the freedom of the individual.”


“The ‘Seeds of Peace Mural Project’ is a program in which school children from local communities design their ‘seed’ of peace, and paint it on a mural. In this way, they develop their artistic skills and focus on the world they would like to see in the future.They are educated about respecting the community and community beautification in an effort to reduce grafitti.”

“Locations include neighborhood alleys, walls of businesses, and exteriors and interiors of schools, so that children and communities can have reason to feel good about where they live and work. At the same time, art and positive messages are encouraged in the neighborhood. Grafitti is often covered over and prevented.”

There are many inspiring pictures here, so I will only include one or two to whet your appetite to go and see them all.

Man on the moon

Man on the moon

Tree Island

Tree Island

This is a very nice project, which like so many good projects, serves a number of purposes.  It “fits” in a number of ways:  it helps develop children’s creativity, it addresses a local problem (ie grafitti) by adding something of beauty and, of course, it draws peoples’ attention to the great themes of peace and environmental harmony.

Good stuff!!!


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