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Peace Day 2009 (and something for fun)

Yesterday was Peace Day.  My Skype VOIP program actually had some reminders about Peace Day and told me when it had arrived–I thought that was pretty cool.  Anyhow, I thought I would share this very nice video about Peace Day from the Peace One Day site.

Peace One Day Video

As the site explains:

“The UN International Day of Peace on 21 September every year is not only about creating peace between nations, it’s about non-violence in our homes, communities and schools. Therefore Peace Day is relevant to every human being on the planet.

Now the next major objective is to introduce 3 billion people to Peace Day by 2012. To do it, we need the help of all people regardless of age, race, nationality, religion or gender; people who are willing to stand up for peace.

Peace One Day looks to engage all sectors of society, including governments, organisations of the United Nations system, regional and non-governmental organisations and individuals in observance of 21 September, through the practical manifestation of non-violence and ceasefire in accordance with UN GA Resolution 55/282, and encourage action on Peace Day that creates a united and sustainable world.”

3 billion by 2012?  Very ambitious…sounds like they can use our help.

OK…now for a nice (and fun) “flow chart” I found on PeaceGeek, with the heading “It’s not Rocket Science”:

Conflict Flowchart

Conflict Flowchart

Sometimes those committed to peace and conflict resolution get a little frustrated, since it is so clear to us that nothing is really to be gained through war and violence, everything is to be gained through pacific approaches to resolving conflict.  This graphic sums that up very nicely 🙂


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