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O.A.S. Peace Fund

I had no idea (though I guess I should have).    Organization of American States (OAS) is in the peace business in a seemingly serious way.  Cool!

“In June 2000, recognizing the need to strengthen the Organization’s capacity in peace-building and conflict resolution, the OAS Foreign Ministers, meeting at the General Assembly in Windsor, Canada, adopted Resolution 1756 (XXX-O/00) and formally established The Fund for Peace: Peaceful Settlement of Territorial Disputes.”

“The Peace Fund, as it is most commonly known, consists of a mechanism designed to provide financial resources to OAS Member States that so request in order to enable the Organization to react swiftly to an unforeseen crisis resulting from a territorial dispute, as well as to strengthen the General Secretariat’s knowledge and experience in the field of territorial dispute settlements. The Fund consists of a General Fund, which functions like a seed fund for unanticipated conflicts, and subfunds established for specific disputes. It is open to contributions from OAS Member States, Permanent Observers, other states, as well as other entities, including companies and individuals. The Fund has received contributions ranging from 3,000 to 1 million US dollars, and since its inception, has received over 5 million dollars.

The Peace Fund, however, is more than a simple financing tool. By jointly appealing to the OAS for assistance in peacefully resolving a territorial dispute, the Parties can avail themselves of a range of conflict resolution mechanisms contemplated under the OAS Charter, including direct negotiation, good offices, mediation, investigation and conciliation, judicial settlement, arbitration and any other mechanism which the Parties jointly agree.” (citations taken from here )

You can also download a little brochure which explains a bit about what the Fund does.

This initiative is encouraging in a number of ways.  If you read the information on the site you will see that the O.A.S. is very conscious of the fact that border disputes are bad for economic integration, and that economic integration is essential to development and longer term prosperity in the region.   Good stuff!


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