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Not long ago I had something to say about Tai Chi.  Well I was looking at some Tai Chi related sites and came across some nice thoughts about personal peace on the EasyTaiChi site.  The author says we can pass his views on to whomever we like so I thought I would reproduce them here.

“Finding Personal Peace

Dear friends,

Post 9/11, I sent out an email that many people found helpful. I have been asked to once again send these ideas to assist in reducing the stress and fear many of us are feeling these days.

I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to send it to anyone you like.

In this time of war and conflict, so many of us feel so helpless. People supporting the war and those against it are feeling huge fear and turmoil.

What can one person possibly do to make a difference?

What can we do to remain resourceful?

How do we find inner peace and strength during this most distressing time?

I received this email last year and it got me thinking.

“Peace within the individual leads to peace within the family.

Peace within the family leads to peace within the community.

Peace within the community leads to peace within the nation.

When there is peace within the nation Then there will be peace in the world.”

The answer became clear. The only person I can control is me. The most effective action I can take is to find peace within myself.

To find my center and my truth. To move toward presence and serenity in the midst of chaos, sorrow and fear.

And then pray that our leaders do the same, allowing them to take actions, no matter how difficult or controversial, that are wise and meaningful for our future.

I continue to pray for the troops and I will celebrate any relief and freedom the citizens of Iraq may have in their future.

How to Find Peace within the Individual

I am small and insignificant in the great scheme of things. All I can do is offer a few ideas that work for me, ideas that may help you find more inner peace in these difficult times.

For those of you using powerful tools like Easy Tai Chi, 4 Minute Fitness, yoga, prayer and meditation, spend more than your usual amount of time each day in practice.

For those of you who are in need of peace, but don’t seem to have effective tools, here are a few ideas that may help you find your center.

* Breathe (well)

Spend a few moments in silence. Begin taking full breaths into your abdomen, as deeply as possible.

At the end of each inhale, hold your breath for a few seconds, then slowly exhale, pushing out all the air possible.

Repeat this powerful breathing for a few minutes as often as needed and note how much calmer you feel as a result.

* Focus on the Present

While you are breathing, begin focusing on the present moment, the beauty, love and joy that you see in your life now.

No matter what else has happened, bring yourself back into the wonder of each moment.

A contemplative walk in a beautiful setting may be helpful.

* Imagery

Mentally begin to see, feel, and experience loving thoughts (about people, pets, community, country). This sense of loving can lead to a deep level of serenity.

Focus on what you want, NOT what you don’t want.

* Smile

Even though there may seem to be little to smile about, the act of smiling releases powerful chemicals into your body that reduce pain and help you feel more optimistic.

It’s worth a try, and as we know, smiles are infectious.

* Express Your Grief and Sorrow

Holding these emotions inside can lead to more confusion and mental turmoil. A good cry can lead towards healing. Let it out safely, and find support within your community.

* Eat Well

After 9/11, junk food sales soared as people sought comfort in food. Junk food will stress your body and cloud your thoughts. Feed your body well during times of stress to maximize your performance.

* Accept What Is…

…for it is as it is this very moment. Leaders have decided and acted. Visualize the best possible outcome.

Each or all of these actions may help you find a deeper level of peace and serenity.If you know people who may benefit from these ideas and techniques, please feel free to forward this email to them.”

A lot to “chew” on.  IGBarb says:  Good stuf!


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