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Johan Galtung is one of the pioneers of Peace Research, and his main organization is called “Transcend International:  A Network for Peace and Development”.  Their site was being reorganized for for some time, but now appears to be fully up and running again, and I suggest anybody interested in peace and peace research spend some time looking at all the great material available there.

Here’s a little info from the site to whet your appetite:

“TRANSCEND INTERNATIONAL connects autonomous individuals and centers working on peace by peaceful means, development by developmental means and environment by environmental means. The mission statement defines four pillars: To bring about a more peaceful world by using action, education/training, dissemination and research to handle conflicts with empathy, nonviolence and creativity.

TRANSCEND was founded August 1993 by Johan Galtung and Fumio Nishimura as a conflict mediation organization. Dietrich Fischer joined and June 1995 Fischer and Galtung invited 11 others. Mid 2008 TRANSCEND has 350 scholars-practitioners from 80 countries as members, one third women. TRANSCEND International, Inc., is registered in Hawai’i and has 501(c)3 tax-exemption number 99\ufdd30339345.

TRANSCEND is organized in a dozen regions around the world: Northern Europe, German-speaking Europe, Eastern Europe, CIS, Europa Latina, Africa, the Arab World, the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, (North-)East Asia, North America, Latin America. Each region has a convener. The Board of Conveners is TRANSCEND’s highest authority, sensitive to the biannual member assemblies.

During the 15 years from 1993 most of the work has been on conflict mediation and violence conciliation, using Diagnosis-Prognosis-Therapy, on often very difficult and complex conflicts. In that connection peace journalism, peace education and peace business have played important roles.”

The Transcend Logo

The Transcend Logo

IGbarb says:  Check it out!


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