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I just came across the Peace Over Violence site, and it looks to be very timely and meaningful.  Here are a few extracts from their “Manifesto” .
“Violence against women is the most pervasive yet least recognized human rights abuse in the world. For over three decades, women’s advocacy groups around the world have been working to draw attention to the physical, psychological, and sexual abuse of women and to stress the need for action. We have provided abused women with support and protection, lobbied for legal reforms, and challenged the pervasive culture of violence.”


“We understand violence in relationships, families and communities is a root cause for violence in society. To address the problem at its core is to change how this problem manifests and magnifies itself in society at large. Changing an individual point of view toward sexual, domestic and interpersonal violence will — one on one, one by one — cause social change, a transformation of society, a world without violence.

Our vision is a world without violence. Where no child is abused, no wife battered, no friend raped. A world without terror, without threats, without wounds from intentional actions. Where the strong provide for the vulnerable, where the vulnerable become empowered, where every kind of family is safe and secure, and girls and boys and women and men have a fair and equal chance at the pursuit of happiness in a tolerant and talented society.”

As you can see this organization used to be the Los Angeles Commission on Assaults Against Women (LACAAW), in case you might have heard of it under this other name.

This all looks good to me.  It is all too easy to promote “world peace” and ignore the violence in oneself and one’s immediate surroundings.

IGbarb says:  definitely a good way to go!


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