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Continuing with my highly sophisticated research (ie googling something that pops into my head :-)), I just found the Peace Foods site.

“Peace Foods is a dessert and food-lover’s company dedicated to producing and distributing only the best all natural desserts and food products within Switzerland. From the classics, to special diet foods and desserts, you will find them all here …”

They seem to have a lot of mouth watering things on offer.  They apparently do some innovative things with food preparation as well:

“Peace Foods products contain no preservatives, and no additives, and by using a process called Flash Freezing, Peace Foods is able conserve fresh baked goods and ship them throughout Switzerland, next day DHL door-to-door, without compromising on the taste or flavor of the product.”

But, most importantly, they represent a model of what I would call a “peace-oriented” business:

“Peace Foods for a Cause

Peace Foods supports a more peaceful world by donating a percentage of all sales to organizations that support peace. This year, we are working with Kiva.org in providing financing for microloans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. With person-to-person lending, we are helping to shatter the poverty penalty, and take part in creating a more peaceful world, one bite at a time.

Additionally, Peace Foods works with companies and organizations to raise funds for their charities with Peace Food products. ”

Heck, just about anybody with a business could do this to some extent.  What a good idea.

Well, peace is many things (as I mention over on the right of this page);  I just hope it isn’t also fattening!  🙂

(by the way, usual caveat applies:  just informin’, not endorsin’)


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