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Golf for peace in Australia

I play golf (badly), so from time to time I google “golf and peace”, “golf for peace” etc…Well today this sort of paid off.  Apparently there have been rising tensions in recent times between Indians students primarily) and Australians.  Here is a CNN story about this, and you can find many more.   Well, there have been several iniatives to do something about this; some using sports as the means to bring communities together.  Cricket has gotten the most attention in this regard.  However, golf has had a role to play as well.  Check out this youtube video that explains that several generations of Indian golfers played a round of golf with locals from a community in Victoria that had had a serious brush fire.

What I can say?  This is the way to go.  Don’t give in to hate, xenophobia and violence.   Counter them with positive actions.  As all the great sages have always said:  light is by its very nature stronger than darkness.


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