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images from violent games

Personally, I am not convinced (like some) that computer games are a major source of violent behavior in today’s societies.   However, I think the number and graphic intensity of these games are a useful reminder of just how deeply war and violence have penetrated into our psyches.  So, I thought I’d just show a few images found at random, and encourage you (if you have not done so recently) to have a look at a few of these.  Try “Call of Duty” if you are looking for a place to start–I think the most recent version is called “Modern Warfare”, or something like that.  In fact let’s start with a couple of images from that game.

And now the ever popular chainsaw murderer:

…and a real Classic:

…and of course the future will also be violent; though much more technologically sophisticated:

This is just the very tip of the tip of the iceberg, believe me.

I can understand the fascination of these games (I grew up male in America, after all).  However, I’m wondering to what extent they are really fun.  Distracting, intriguing, addicting…certainly…though I’m not sure about “fun”.

What do you think?


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