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“Inhale world…exhale peace”

I couldn’t resist using that title line.  This is a sort of mantra used by Master Charles Kim at the “Peace School” in Chicago.  The school was founded by the current Master’s father:

“Grand Master MyungSu Yu Sung Kim is remembered for his lifetime achievement in the areas of Peace Breathing meditation, Peace Exercise yoga, traditional martial arts, and his new educational system for peace.”

From the about page:

“The International Association for World Peace, known as The Peace School is a non-profit equal opportunity, educational organization headquartered in Chicago since 1972.

The Peace School’s mission is to help individuas of all ages practice peace in everyday life by attaining peace in mind, body and spirit, creating the foundation for a broader peace in our families, schools, communities, nations and the world.  To nurture individual peace harmony with all things.  The Peace School teaches a unique blend of meditation, exercise and peace breathing and sponsors public peace-building activities.  In all we do the Peace School is dedicated to building world peace one person at a time.

The Peace School is an independent education organization and has no political or religious affiliations.”

Check out the list of classes.  There is an emphasis on, as one might expect, personal well being.  At the same time, they seem to be engaged in peace praxis (look at the list of Activities).  At first glance, this seems to be an interesting way to address both the challenge of inner peace and well being and the challenge of external peace through social action.

IGBarb says:  “Keep on breathin’ folks!”


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