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Technology and Peace (1)

As you might have guessed I google a lot to find ideas for blog posts; and, with google it all depends on what you look for.  Today it came to me (just like that) to try “technology and peace.”  I think I now have enough material for a few weeks :-).

Let’s start with this interesting site:  World Peace Through Technology .

Their “welcome” states simply:

“This website is an ongoing experiment in creating and inspiring peace. We invite you to sign up and participate in the World Peace Through Technology community. ”

In fact, the main content is a blog about what they call benevolent technologies.  Here is a list:


World Peace through Technology believes that there are many technologies being developed that can help foster peace between people and peace with our world’s environment.

Examples of Benevolent Technologies include:

Media Technology – entertainment that encourges people to come together and foster community, as well as educates and inspires. Art has the potential to bridge gaps and find common ground between anyone.

Games – games and exercises that teach cooperation over competition. We introduced a Peace Game at the 8th annual How Weird Street Faire, which encourages people to work together and rewards diversity.

Bicycle Power – human powered generation of electricity at events; a combination of mobile educational exhibit, fun cooperative experience, and clean source of energy. We hope to bring Bicycle Powered exhibits to the How Weird Street Faire.

Open Source Software – communication and educational technologies that allow us to learn more about each other and form bonds between people, raising awareness of different global cultures and ourselves. The Drupal software that runs this website is a good example.

Green Technology – technologies that provide clean energy or eliminate waste or detoxify water or any of the other countless needs in the world today.

While technology has allowed us to live more easily in the world, it enabled a rapid and negative affect on our communities and ecosystems. Conversely, there are technologies being developed that can reverse this trend. Technology is simply a tool whose use depends on us. It’s time to make peace with our environment.”

The last paragraph merits serious thought.  It is too simple to say technology is good or bad for peace, and for humanity in general.  You have to learn to use it for good, and since we seem to also be using it fairly extensively for bad, we need to reflect on such questions as:  what is worth keeping, what needs to go, how can existing technologies be used for better ends, etc…

This looks like a great place to start thinking about these things.

(Also, the Carl Sagan video currently on the home page is fun and a consciousness expander at the same time)


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