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As I’ve mentioned from time to time, the arts are a very effective way to promote peace.  So today, I searched “theatre and peace”, and, as you might suspect, found a lot of material.  Peace Theatre immediately caught my eye.

‘ “Our lives in this community are complicated and sometimes difficult. Peace Theatre, this organization and this place have become ours and the experiences we have had here will stay with us for the rest of our lives.” ‘
Hayley Landry, 17

What is Peace Theatre:

Peace Theatre is an award-winning, community arts organization with a unique methodology, blending theatre arts with social activism to empower children and youth to share their stories of conflict and their visions of peace.”

They have some interesting programs and this one, in particular, caught my eye:

“Peace Leaders Program

The Peace Leaders Program is a three and a half day program facilitated by professional theatre artists and youth mentors. A fun and informative program based on the belief that by entering into the heart of conflict with courage, compassion and creativity, we can create peace within ourselves, our schools and the world.

The program includes three and half days of fun, engaging theatre-based activities, discussions, and the creation of a Peace Action Plan. The program culminates with a presentation of the students’ learning at an assembly or school event.

Our unique method promotes transformation in students through experiential learning, helping them to develop new ways of seeing, speaking, and responding. Creating theatre requires working together and provides the perfect opportunity to act out and explore real situations of conflict and creatively explore what it means to choose peace.

This program helps students to:

* Observe, reflect upon and creatively explore how conflict impacts their lives

* Learn simple tools and alternate courses of action for dealing with conflict

* Develop empathy, respect and deeper understanding of others

* Experience conflict as a creative force and peace as an activity

* Create a sense of community in their class and school.

* Develop critical thinking skills and communication skills”

Good stuff.  It stands to reason that if we are living in a world where peace is relatively absent–or, at least, not yet adequately present)–, then children and young people may not be learning the skills needed to create and maintain peace at all levels of society.  So, we need more and more programs (in and out of school) to learn these skills–and having fun while you do it doesn’t hurt either :-).

IGbarb says:  “Check it out!”


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