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Wherefore art thou Nukes?

Apologies if you are a member of the Peace and Collaborative Development Network and have already seen this announcement.  However, I think it bears repeating.

The Global Forum:  On the Future of Nuclear Weapons

The Global Forum aims to raise awareness and increase participation in the global dialogue about the future of nuclear weapons. It includes an on-going roundtable discussion; a historic videoconference-webcast between the Truman Presidential Library & Museum and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum; webcast of Webster University’s International Studies Symposium; A-bomb poster exhibition; and film screening of Japan’s Peace Constitution (2005).”

…and here is the program

“All events are free and open to the public.

Jan. – May
Online Roundtable Discussions: http://theglobalforum.ning.com
Students, instructors, and citizens of all nations are invited to participate.

Feb. – March    Hiroshima-Nagasaki A-Bomb Poster Exhibition
Emerson Library, 101 Edgar Rd. St. Louis, MO 63119 [ Map & Directions ]
Feb. 26 – 28    Film: Japan’s Peace Constitution (2005)
At various venues, Webster University, St. Louis, MO

Feb 26, 7:30 pm, (Film Screening only) Winifred Moore Auditorium
Feb 27, 7:30 pm, (Film Screening & Discussion) Venue TBA
Feb 28, 1:30 pm, (Film Screening & Citizen Participation Seminar) Sunnen Lounge

March 1
7:00 – 9:00 pm (CT)    Live videoconference and webcast
Mr. Truman Meets Hiroshima on the Future of Nuclear Weapons, 1945 – 2020
Originating from Truman Presidential Library & Museum (Independence, MO, USA)
and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum (Japan)

March 2
12:00 – 1:30 pm (CT)    Live interactive webcast from Webster University: International Studies Symposium Speaker: Satoko Norimatsu”

Note:  You can participate in the online Roundtable discussions!

Seems to me this is a really (really) important topic that everybody should take very seriously.   Nukes are incredibly destructive, incredibly messy, almost impossible to maintain without problems and very expensive, etc…but…still central to statecraft in the second decade of the 21st century (curious,no?)

IGbarb says:  “Check it out!”


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