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Culture of Peace: Let your voice be “heard”

I just came across this post on the Peace and Collaborative Development Network site:  Final Report UN International Decade for a Culture of Peace 2001-2010 .  Since these posts sometimes fade away into cyberspace (ie you can’t access them after a while), I reproduce the posting here:

“Final Report UN International Decade for a Culture of Peace 2001-2010

Dear Friends,

Start your 2010 with a Culture of Peace.  Do not be left out!

It is time to gather fruits of the UN International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World, 2001-2010. A youth team including Cecile Barbeito from Spain, Meg Villanueva and Nikki Delfin from the Philippines and Marcos Estrada from Brazil, with help from Dr. David Adams and Professor Alicia Cabezudo, are  committed to assuring the End-of-Decade Report from the Civil Society. We ask for volunteers to support the evaluation by mobilizing responses from their own regions or areas of interest.

We would like to thank those of you who took time to complete the questionnaire online. We have seen remarkable Culture of Peace initiatives around the world – and we know that there are more out there to be shared with us!

In the Mid-term evaluation report over 700 organizations from all parts of the world took part in the report the volunteers’ support will be crucial. The report is to be ready in May 2010, to be submitted to UNESCO. There are individuals and organizations in all parts of the world putting lots of efforts
to cultivate a lasting culture of Peace.

Go to the homepage of the report: http://decade-culture-of-peace.org

Then click on “here” in the phrase: “Or click here for the questionnaire that you can answer and send by email.”  It is on the left side of the homepage.

Alternatively, you can download the Word version of the questionnaire available in the website.

Your work is important – not just to the report but to the Culture of Peace movement around the world!  By sharing information with us you not only give visibility to your initiatives, but also have the
opportunity to exchange information with other organizations and institutions.

183 organizations have already registered to complete the questionnaire, and we would like to encourage you to complete the questionnaire, or invite and/or remind other organizations you know who might not have done so. Also, please don´t forget the photos!

As it is a worldwide initiative we are inviting both individuals and organizations, especially if you are or feel young like us, from all over the world to take part in this process. Please write to one of us below, depending on where you are located.

Marcos Estrada – the Americas, Arab States and international organizations – evaluation@decade-culture-of-peace.org

Cecile Barbeito – Europe and Africa – africaeurope@decade-culture-of-peace.org

Meg Villanueva and Nikki Delfin – Asia Pacific – maurea8@gmail.com  and nikki.delfin@gmail.com

Alicia Cabezudo – Latin America – pazderechos@yahoo.com.ar

David Adams – international organizations – decade@decade-culture-of-peace.org”

If you click on the link you can get involved and learn a lot about what has been done to promote a culture of peace.  This is encouraging…you will see evidence here that people, in all sorts of places, are starting to understand the issues involved and the necessary steps to take.

IGBarb says:  “Check it out”

(Recognize this?  Have any idea what it shows?  It is the U.N. symbol for the Culture of Peace decade and it is two interlocking hands–sorry if this was obvious, but I know at least one very intelligent Ph.D. who did not have a clue 🙂 )


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