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Peace Prayers/Priėres pour la Paix

No, this is not me pointing you to an interesting site I found.  Rather, this is me telling you about a small project (hopefully to become a bigger project over time) I am planning to “launch” in a few weeks.  It is called “Peace Prayers/Priėres pour la Paix”.  The idea is simple.  Writing this blog has helped me to appreciate that all religions, many philosophers and social thinkers, and, in short, a wide variety of people, are interested in and concerned about peace; and that for many peace is, one way or another, as much a spiritual issue as a political, social or moral issue (and it is all of those as well, of course).

So, I thought it would be appropriate to start a little meeting at my house for people who wanted to pray for and learn more about peace through reflexion and dialogue.  These meetings would be “strictly” inter-religious:  all religions, faiths or traditions welcome.   This inter-religious dimension starts close to home, in fact:  my wife is Catholic (“to her fingernails” as she told me when we first met) and you can figure out where I’m coming from if you look at the upper right of my blog page :-), but we are doing this together.

So. we will pray, discuss (quotations and ideas from many sources–not just religious), share our thoughts and have a cup of tea (or whatever) and get to know each other better.  Hopefully, this activity will expand to the point that we need a bigger place…but we’ll see how it goes.

I am also thinking about starting a blog in connection with these meetings, where I will mention the topic, share some of the prayers and texts, and maybe a short video in which some of the participants would talk about what we learned and felt.  Also, if anybody is interested, you could organize meetings at the same time elsewhere (hey, this is the internet age), and maybe we could have the occasional “joint” activity using SKYPE or something like that.

As soon as we are “underway”, I’ll post the blog link here.  BTW, I live in a French speaking area so much of the material will be in French, but if there is interest from “abroad” I could probably find translations…and, of course, there is always Google translate


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